When most drivers think about auto maintenance, a few services often come to mind and a few that are sometimes forgotten. To keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape, we encourage you to visit us for regular alignments and cabin air filter replacements.

Regular alignments can help your tires wear evenly, ensure that your tires are gripping the road, and ensure proper handling. And if you drive your vehicle with uneven alignment caused by general wear and tear and different driving conditions, your control over your car can be compromised.

When it comes to your cabin air filter, you can make sure that you replace it at regular intervals. If you don't replace the filter, the old filter will impact the air quality in your vehicle. Replacing your cabin air filter is easy and affordable. So make sure you visit our service center near Santa Ana today.

The Benefits of Regular Auto Maintenance

If you plan on having your family SUV or work truck for miles to come, you must keep it properly maintained. Regular maintenance will improve your performance daily, and it will help ensure your vehicle's longevity.

It's important that you get regular oil changes and inspections and keep up with the maintenance intervals that our team can help advise you about. Our staff can work on all aspects of your vehicle and help replace necessary components with OEM parts.

Make an Appointment at Our Chevy Service Center Today

Do you want to come by our Chevy service center near Long Beach? We would love to help you out! If you're ready to make an appointment, you can schedule an appointment using our online scheduling tool.

If you want help or advice, feel free to chat with our team, and we can help you understand the services your vehicle needs and tell you more about us as a Chevy dealership near Anaheim.

We hope to hear from you soon so we can help you keep your Chevy vehicle on the road and performing as it should around the Long Beach area! At Simpson, we're big enough to deal, small enough to care.

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