When you need an oil change before your drive from Long Beach to Santa Ana, then you need to stop by Simpson Chevrolet of Garden Grove. At our dealership, you can get the auto maintenance you need and get your vehicle back on the road.

When You Should Get an Oil Change

It is a good idea to keep to a regular oil change schedule for your vehicle. You can typically find the oil change schedule for your vehicle in your owner's manual. There are also some signs to watch out for that can indicate that you need an oil change.

  • Dark or Dirty Oil: When you check your oil, it should be amber and free of grit and dirt. If the oil is dark or dirty, it should be changed.
  • Oil Change or Check Engine Light Comes On: When you see an alert on your dashboard, then you should take it seriously. Whether it is specifically an oil change alert or a check engine light, it could be a sign you need an oil change.
  • Engine Overheating: One function of engine oil is to keep your engine cool. If your engine starts to overheat, one cause might be oil that needs to be changed.

Why Visit Simpson Chevrolet of Garden Grove

If you need car maintenance in Anaheim, then our dealership is the place to visit. Our expert technicians will take great care of your vehicle and get it back on the road in optimal condition. As a family-owned business since 1951, we aim to provide fantastic service, from selling you your dream car to taking care of your oil changes.

At Simpson, we are Big Enough to Deal, Small Enough to Care

Drivers in Long Beach have known for decades that our dealership is the best place to visit for exceptional Chevy selection and service. To schedule an oil change at our dealership, contact us today!

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